Battlegroup 2019

Battlegroup 2019 is a four days long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held in Padasjoki in the areas of the Finnish defence forces, the municipality of Padasjoki and the city of Hämeenlinna. Combined, the event area offers much larger size and more extensive road network than last year. Also the combined area enables the use of various vehicles such as armored, wheeled and boats. The actual website of the event will be published in the beginning of year 2019 at the latest. Follow our Facebook-page to find out more.

In brief

Based on feedback from the past event, observations, new game area, and changed partnerships, we will change and improve many things some of which are mentioned here:

  • Extended game area

    The size of the game area is designed to be expanded nearly 20 times. The final size of the game area will be published later. There will be areas in the game area where movement or battles are restricted, either narrally or for security reasons.
  • will be open for everyone in the specific faction and we will add a blueforcetracker to the system, from where players can place markers and units releated to the game.
  • Foreign players

    Players who do not have Finnish nationality must provide the Ehasa Association with boarding and passport information for a security investigation by the Finnish Defense Forces. You can find more detailed search instructions on the event registration page.
  • Food order

    We are investing in developing our food services, and we aim to provide players with more food and beverage options.
  • SRA-shooting

    For those who want we are going to re-arrange the last year held popular sra-shooting event in the shooting range located at the game area.

    Commander changes

    We want to transfer the management of each faction in the hands of the players themselves. Jesse, a long-time commander of Pirkanmaa, moves to support both sides as an organizer.

    Entry fee increases

    Since the game area and the situation are new, changes and additions are likely. For this reason, some information may not be immediately displayed on the actual webpage. Due to the situation, we also had to raise the 1st entry fee to 80 € for the main factions.

  • Transportation offered by game masters and player offgame-parking

    The game masters vehicles are reduced, meaning that we cant offer as many offgame rides as last year. We plan to focus our vehicles to provide so called ingame "helicopter rides" for players. Players will have offgame car parking in the vicinity of the check-in area, partners and food services.
  • Some minor refinements are added to the rules and also new rules are added, some of which are:
    • New rules for water activities.
    • Vehicles will be pre-approved online before they are accepted for the event. Vehicle rules will be more demanding and, in the future, vehicles will be divided into three categories (1-3) with an equivalent number of hit points.
    • The arm bands will come in both hands in the future. In addition, we added a few camouflages and changed the Multicam / MTP faction.
    • The faction bases, including the management offices of the factions, are offgame areas. Spying of the opponent and the benefits of it are implemented in other ways.
    • Civilian buildings are designed to consist of indoor heated buildings and tents. Due to the interior of the buildings, many civilian areas will be "no-gun zone" areas where only "less leathal" force from previous games is allowed. This, on the other hand, enables deeper role play among civilians and fighting factions.

Basic information

  • Player limit

    ca. 1000

  • Age limit


  • Date


  • Entry fee

    Pre-payment: start out on 80 € +5 €/month

    Payment on site: 125 €

    Civilian factions: 25 €
    Main factions HQ-teams: 40€

  • We will offer

    Water supply and toilets in bases and across the gaming area; more washing facilities(showers etc.); limited battery recharging facilities at bases; ingame transports on wheeled, armored and maybe watercraft vehicles and Players must sleep in their own accommodation and book their own game equipment for the event! Information about firewood will be published later.

  • Factions and story

    "At the end of TSTOS18, Pirkanmaa managed to capture RSV from Remedtech and quickly moved it to the north behind its own lines. However, Uusimaa went after Pirkanmaa, so it is urgent for Pirkanmaa test the RSV which Remedtech managed to complete. Hardly anything could go wrong now... ". The story will be opened more later on the main webpage. However, the factions in the game are traditional Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa as well as different civilians. You can check the faction camouflages here, notice the move of Multicam / MTP to Pirkanmaa and also some new additions.

In co-operation