Welcome to the Battlegroup 2019 website.

Battlegroup 2019 is a four days long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held in Padasjoki in the areas of the Finnish defence forces, the municipality of Padasjoki and the city of Hämeenlinna. Combined, the event area offers much larger size and more extensive road network than last year. Also the combined area enables the use of various vehicles such as armored, wheeled and boats. We have previously organized three medium-sized events on Padasjoki, but this old area was just one small part of the now used gaming area.

Based on feedback, our own observations, a new game area, and changed collaborative deals from earlier events, we will change and improve many of the things which are mentioned below. The rest of changes you can find by studying this website:

Development areas:

  • The size of the game area is designed to be expanded nearly 20 times. The final size of the game area will be published later. There will be areas in the gaming area where movement or fighting is restricted, either narrally or for security reasons.
  • Status.ehasa.org system will be opened to all players in a faction and there will be added a so-called blue-force tracker, where the players and commanders can place signs related to the event.
  • Players who do not have Finnish nationality must provide the Ehasa Association with boarding and passport information for a security investigation by the Finnish Defense Forces. We will inform more details later.
  • We improve our food ordering system and thus offer players more extensive food and beverage services.
  • The aim of the shooting range in the gaming area is to allow us to re-arrange the last year held SRA-contest for those who want to. There will be more information later when the details are agreed.
  • We want to transfer the management of each faction in to the hands of the players themselves. Jesse, a long-time commander of Pirkanmaa, moves to support both sides as an organizer.
  • Since the game area and the situation are new, changes and additions are likely. For this reason, all information on the actual pages may not be up to date. News and updates are always told at least on the "NEWS" page. In addition, the most important information is also communicated to the parties Facebook-groups and Ehasa's social media accounts. Due to the situation, we also had to raise the start-up ticket price to 80 € for the main factions.
  • The vehicle fleet used by organizers is shrinking, reducing players' offgame rides to minimun to allow "helicopter rides" to continue. Players will have offgame car parking in the vicinity of the check-in area, partners and food services.
  • A few refinements have been made to the rules and game mechanics and also new rules have been added. Read the added or edited rules carefully by reading the "RULES" page.

General Information about the event: