There are many villages inhabited by civilians and other civilian locations in the area of Iso Tarus. In the north, the largest village is known as the Taruksenkylä, which includes for example the Club Pusu-sauna. Other well-known places are: Kelkute loggers cottage and Taruksenmäki's lean-to. All lean-to's and cottages are more specifically marked in and the game map.


  • Armband: Green and white longitudinally connected in both hands + player ID
  • Vehicles: Only vehicles provided by fellow players. No vehicles will be provided by game masters for ingame-use.
  • Armament: Civilians are allowed to carry weapons based on weapon permits granted before or during the event.
  • Civilians have a major role in game story and various missions. There is also room for your own ideas.
  • Lowered ticket price: 25€
  • Village leader: ???
  • Please send your role preference by email after booking at [javascript protected email address]
  • In the Facebook-group there will be a separate inquiry after registration related to the role of player. In addition, you can send a message via email to [javascript protected email address]
  • Facebook-group:

Civilian roles


  • Uniforms: Civilian clothing.
  • Players can do whatever they want and establish any kinds of services and groups within the faction for example: criminal band, fishing business, religious groups, taxi service, bar, restaurant etc. In addition, business owners and journalists may need help from the villagers.

Club Pusu Sauna

  • You can apply by sending an open application via email [javascript protected email address].
  • The famous Club Pusu has established its own sauna to the shore of Lake Iso-Hervo. The place offers gambling, gigs and competitions. You can enjoy your stay at the sauna with cold refreshments sold at the club.
  • The rules of the place include that the weapons are left in the cloakroom. The place serves all customers regardless of the faction. Potential brawlers will be taken care by Club's own staff using less leathlal equipment.
  • Club Pusu employees can be recognized from fine suits or tracksuits, depending on whether it is the management of the place or just the bouncer. However, the uniting factor is the slav-lifestyle, the love of Hard Bass and of cource the id-card.
  • We try to provide the faction with a limited amount of less leathal weapons, such as training pepper-sprays, "tasers", and plastic telescopic batons.

Religious Sect of Tarus

  • Sect of Tarus is a religious sect formed during the Civil War, whose members believe in the mystical ancient god of nature. Their best-known God is the forest God called "Guarder of forests".
  • The Taurus people believe that contaminated areas are not the result of the RSV, but are the curse of their gods, because the holy forests and waterways have been transformed into places of war and secular vices.
  • The Taurus people do not accept the gambling happening in the Club Pusu, but their members have also been seen cleaning in the "holy water" of the sauna. In addition, there are wild rumors about strange rituals, substances that cause hallucinations and even animal sacrifices.
  • The Taurus people believe that everyone can become a believer and join their sect, but a complete purification of the former sins requires loyalty, time, and rituals.
  • The faction is recognized by cloaks and also they like to use spruce branches to identify each other.

Evacuees (temporary faction)

  • A small group of random people who have tried to flee the burnt land as the Uusimaa attack progressed and have formed a close bond while escaping.
  • The players will start the game on Thursday night at the Tarus Village in their original faction and character. You will have time to get to know other players, stay and prepare for the next day's evacuation.
  • Friday morning, the indivual players will form a evacuee group which will be moved by the gamemasters to the south of the game area and they will have to carry out various tasks on their way back to the Tarus village.
  • For the evacuation, players can take as much equipment as they think they need for a single day. Players do not have permission to use vehicles during their journey, but they may be able to get help from other players.
  • This evacuee mission/temporary faction is recommended only to people who are sure they can carry out the entire evacuation journey and also the additional tasks. After the evacuation, players can continue the rest of the game in a role they have chosen and signed up beforehand.

Desertees and hermits

  • Not all people get along with others and some are tired of the ongoing civil war that has been tormenting on for many years. That's how they have become a vague group of desertees and hermits, for whom the numerous tents and small cottages of the Great Tarus offer a peaceful place to live in order to avoid unpleasant people.
  • Because the desertees and hermits are known getting along on their own, they have more powerful weapons. Especially the desertees, who have taken everything they could from the military.
  • Desertees use faction's camouflages, civilian clothes, or a combination of these, but they must use always civilian armbands.
  • During the game you can become a temporary desertee yourself from Uusimaa or Pirkanmaa faction. If you are interested in such a temporary role, please contact the gamemasters via a free-form email: [javascript protected email address].
  • Regardless of their nature, the desertees and hermits have often been seen moving in the village of Tarus, sometimes even openly in their old outfits, but then the risk of being detained by their old faction increses.
  • If the wanted desertee is captured and delivered to faction's prison, the player must play the rest of the event in another role.

Business owners

  • Business owners are the backbone of society. There are numerous business owner roles available in game and they will be supported financially and logistically by game masters if needed
  • Merchants will also get more ingame cash in the beginning of the game. If you wish to be a merchant please contact game masters in advance
  • Potential companies could be for example: public transport, maintenance of the sauna , store, nightclub owner, barkeeper, freight / passenger / boat transport

Journalists and bloggers

  • Various journalists and bloggers will record video and photos of the ongoing crisis situation, conduct interviews, conduct investigative journalism, and propagate the events of the region.
  • In the role of newspaper editor, independent blogger, you play a key role in spreading information. In addition to playing the role of a reporter or a blogger, you can play another ingame role simultaneously / separately.
  • Game masters will provide an ingame wordpress-platform for news:
  • Full-time journalists and bloggers should join to this faction. Players who also play other role will not join to this faction.
  • Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa also have their own press officers in the Information and Research Platoon, which are engaged in their own media operations.
  • Equipment: Your own camera. Press-vest is recommended.
  • After signing up, all journalists and bloggers must contact the game masters by e-mail .