Willing to be in a leader position?

We want to encourage people to apply for leader postitions. For this reason people in challenging positions will get commodity money, which can be freely used on Ehasa products during the game. You can apply for leadership roles when you register or on your teams own facebook group. The battalion commander will decide the roles in the end.

  • Platoon leaders and members of the headquarter platoon get 10€ worth of commodity money
  • Company leaders (Infantry company, mechanized and reconnaissance) get 15€ worth of commodity money
  • Battalion commanders and civilian faction leader get 20€ worth of commodity money

Commodities are products sold by Ehasa. For example food-tickets, patches, armbands, maps, paladin-granades...

The registration will take place on Kuulaportti

  • Mention your wishes about your team members at registration or make sure you are on the same faction
  • The game fee is determined by the faction, role and options you choose
  • The registration will open 15.2.2019 5pm (GMT+2)
  • The registration will be closed on monday 12.8 at 00.00. Transferring tickets is allowed as long as the new owner is in contact with the game masters via email. There is a 5 € fee for ticket transfers.
  • Foreign players register via the same web-page, which has a language option on the top corner of the page
  • Paladin-granades etc. in game special products will be sold in
  • We check payments once a week by hand, so don't worry if it takes time to update your payment status.
  • After signing up, we hope for you to fill out an INQUIRY about arriving to the event. We use the data to improve our event.

Game and other fees

Payment on site 125 €
Change ticket owner 5 €
Arriving at the event Friday 16.8 evening. (Check-in open between 8 and 9 pm)
Please contact us in advance via email ([javascript protected email address]).
Armband 5 €
Printed rip- and waterproof map of the game area 5 €
Battlegroup 19 -velcro patch 5 €
Medic/AT/Engineer -velcro patch 5 €
Faction leader No game fee
Batallion HQ squad Fixed price 40 €
Part-time assistant Game fee determined on occasion
Fulltime assistant No game fee and other benefits during and after the game.

Info on factions and payment due dates

Today is: 22.07.2024

Registered before 1.3. Registered before 1.4. Registered before 1.5. Registered before 1.6. Registered before 1.7. Registered before 1.8. Registered after 1.8.
Price raise: 1.2. Price raise: 1.3. Price raise: 1.4. Price raise: 1.5. Price raise: 1.6. Price raise: 1.7. Full price
Game fee 25€ / 80€ Game fee 25€ / 85€ Game fee 25€ / 90€ Game fee 25€ / 95€ Game fee 25€ / 100€ Game fee 25€ / 105€ Game fee 25€ / 110€
Notice! You have 14 days to pay the ticket.
Faction Registration Game fee
Pirkanmaa/Uusimaa: Infantry companies Kuulaportti
Pirkanmaa/Uusimaa: Mechanized company Kuulaportti
Pirkanmaa/Uusimaa: Reconnaissance platoon (FULL BOOKED!) Kuulaportti / separate application (info in the factions description)
Pirkanmaa/Uusimaa: Public relations & research group (PRRG) Kuulaportti / separate application (info in the factions description)
Pirkanmaa/Uusimaa: Headquarters platoon and battalion commander Kuulaportti / Email (Instructions in the faction info) 40 € / No game fee
Civilians: Villagers Kuulaportti 25 €
Civilians: Club pusu sauna Kuulaportti / Email (Instructions in the faction info) 25 €
Civilians: Tarus denomination Kuulaportti 25 €
Civilians: Evacuees Kuulaportti 25 €
Civilians: Fugitives and hermits Kuulaportti 25 €
Civilians: Merchants / Entrepreneurs Kuulaportti 25 €
Civilians: Local press and bloggers Kuulaportti 25 €