Rule updates

07.07.2019 · Joel Sariola

We updated the rules. Our intention is that new updates are not anymore done, so you can start to read and learn these rules.

You can find the accurate rule changes in rules -page, but here they are in order and few words what we changed about them.

- Wounding: "Wounded player can be moved if aided by another player. Neither helper nor the wounded can use their weapons or heal the wounded at that time. When moving other player, you both must larp a little bit. Running with your helper with just holding hands is not good larping."
- Healing:  "Healing a wounded player takes 2 minutes. After that, both the medic and the player can continue playing normally. Medic cannot use his weapon during healing unless he stops. After this healing must be started again from zero."
- Contaminated areas: There are now two levels of contaminated areas, level 1 and level 2. Level 1 you need to eat game master provided iodine or have your own gas mask. In level 2 you need to have your own gas mask and game master provided protective suit.  If you find yourself in these zones without protection, leave them immediately.  These contaminated areas change mainly during night but can also change during day. New "forecast" of these changes is always released on when "scientist" are ready with them.
- Hand grenades: "Pyrotechnical commercial BB-grenades are only allowed to use in Finnish Defence Forces area. (Area east from Iso-Tarus lake. Marked in map with the purple dotted line)"
- Anti-tank mines:  Factions have their own (red and yellow) mines which have no effect on friendly vehicles. Also you cannot steal, hide or break enemy anti-tank mines. You can only disable them and move them to ditch next to road. Also there is ban area for minefield around main bases where no-one can set up anti-tank mines (marked with grey dotted line in maps).  Also you are not allowed to use any other means ex. fallen tree to block the road for safety reasons.
- Vehicles: From now on each vehicle has their own unique 3-number ID number which tells the hit points it has. ID also helps us to recognize vehicles to clear out problems. This ID number will stay with the vehicle in every Ehasa event in future. Also from now on,  if you want to open your windows for shooting, it must be done at main base and cannot be changed anymore in field.
- UAV/Drone: Added new map which shows the no flying -zones.
- Muzzle velocity limits : "All support weapons must represent and look like some real life light or heavy support weapon (ex. M249, RPK, M60, PKM, MG36, HK21, AUG HBAR, M27, Stoner, Trident LMG). Remember to equip your support weapon with real life style accessories like box magazines, bipods, silencers or optics."
- Civilian weapon limits: Added fourth weapon permit-class, which includes support weapons, heavy semi-automatic sniper rifles and anti-tank guns (TAG Paladin).
- "No Gun Zone"-Rules : Entire village of Tarus is part of No Gun Zone and it will marked in green color in maps.
- Offgame: "Around the borders of bases, the players living in the base can open fire on enemy troops or vehicles which are trying to approach or drive pass base. These enemies are not allowed to return fire. With this, we try to avoid needless "base attacks" and "surrounding enemy base" tactics."
-Rules related to this game area: "Digging trenches is allowed in Finnish Defence Force training area. Everywhere else it is not allowed to dig expect small ditch around your tent. These ditches must be filled after the game! "

If these rules cause questions, you can ask them in faction specific FB groups or directly to game master via email