Game map and Ehasa status app

23.07.2019 · Joel Sariola

Long-awaited and asked a many times - some didn't even think they'd ever see it -Ehasa's battle command system -website is now available as Ehasa Status app on Google's Play Store!

The app works on Android 8.0 Oreo and newer systems. In future we hope it will work in other systems also. Please, give feedback by email or directly at the app store.

With the new app, a single player will remain on the map, even if the display is temporarily closed. Also, you no longer need to make any tricks to get the GPS to function.

The Battalion commander and other players are now able to monitor the movements of their leaders more effectively and with new drawing features, even drawing their own battle plan on the faction limited map is possible with correct rights given by the Battalion commander.

The status will also continue to be used via, but the GPS monitoring will not work unless the website is open all the time.

In addition to the interactive map, we also publish paper map versions:

There are a high quality version available for printing as well as many slightly smaller files to download to your phone. The original map is designed for printing in A3 size and the maps we sold in advance will also be that size. All the smallest texts on the map are not clear in A4 size. In addition, a version made of nine A4 papers was created for HQ use.

Only four weeks left!